When in an Emergency

Author Minal De Silva
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Every now and then, even the experienced driver could get in to some trouble. That's why you should always occupy yourself with the best recovery gear when you are take your pride and joy to the outback. Even with the best vehicle and the best recovery gear the unthinkable could happen. So if you stranded we have complied a list of 4WD friendly recovery services.However, if you are faced with an emergency  its always best to contact the appropriate agency to get the proper assistance.

Each state manages their own State Emergency Service. So its always best visit there site when you are planning your journey. They always update their websites with Natural Disasters and any active rescue attempts in each region. 

We compiled the below list to assist you in your planning and also if you were in sticky situation you could get assistance by ringing these numbers.

There are couple of things you should consider before you make your call,

If you are in a life threatening situation call 000.

If you are involved in a natural disaster contact 132 500 

Recovery from a SES Rescue truck

Note: Consider carrying a locator beacon with you. See our range of locator beacons here. 

Helpful Links and Numbers for State Emergency Services